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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We wrote to Richard Lochhead MSP about our concerns on burn and river cleaning to help alleviate flooding in our areas.

The Flooding Policy Officer, Moira Parker, has responded with the following:

"The CAR, (Controlled Activities Regulations) set out guidance for farmers and land managers to explain the process of carrying out works in watercourses.  ACTIVITIES that DO NOT require authorisation from SEPA -

      Clearing vegetaion, fallen trees and litter

     Maintaining and repairing existing manmade structures, such as flood embankments (using the same materials)

    Maintaining or constructing field drains (manmade drains)

Activities that can be carried out under General Binding Rules:  These are statutory good practice rules.  No fee or aplication is required.

     Clearing small straight ditches less than im wide ACROSS THE BED

     Dredging inside bridge culverts (or up to 10M either side) AND within 5 m of an outfall ir intake.

     Small scale green bank protection up to 10 mtr along the bank, or one channel width (whichever is the greater)

Activities that require registration include dredging under bridges; partial removal of gravel bars (accumulation of dry gravel); 500 mtrs Silt Dredging in alreaady straightened rivers (rivers up to 5 mtr wide across their BED) 



Thursday, September 21, 2017

The folloing items are for sale;

70 bales of haylage

Round or square bales of

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