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Invitation to join Rotam revolution for Rural Services Scotland members

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rotam’s high-performing Sulfonylurea
herbicides and Tebuconazole-based
fungicides have become the
treatments of choice for a fast-growing
number of independent-minded
farmers across Britain.
Rural Services Scotland is the latest
machinery ring to join the supply
chain of multi-national agrochemical
manufacturer Rotam.
Agricultural enterprises large and
small, looking for the most costeffective
treatment for their emerging
crops, have been attracted to Rotam
by such vitally important drivers as
price, deliverability and effectiveness.
Use of Rotam’s SU products like
Boudha, Ergon, Savvy Premium and
Hiatus has increased dramatically over
the past 12 months while Toledo is
proving a very popular Teb fungicide.
As thousands of farmers across the
length and breadth of the UK make
the switch, they reap the benefits of
becoming part of Rotam’s global
success story.


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